BizfinityPro review

Bizfinity's flagship product range is BizfinityPro, an advanced business system delivered over the internet designed for growing small and mid-size companies. Rather than a 'one-size fits all' offering, BizfinityPro is modular. Options include e-Commerce, CRM, order management and inventory, distribution and warehouse management, assemblies and accounting. Modules are also available in fully integrated Suites.

BizfinityPro is designed principally for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Because BizfinityPro is Web-delivered, the system offers powerful benefits to companies who wish to conduct at least a part of their business over the internet, companies who have field sales teams, or who operate in more than one location. And because BizfinityPro is highly adaptable, special features are available for a range of markets including medical supply, electronic equipment, sporting goods, apparel, service and maintenance, and many others.
Bizfinity is an enterprise-class multi-tiered Web-generation application delivered over the internet. In straightforward terms, Bizfinity has invested millions of dollars in hardware and specially designed software to build a high-performance infrastructure - not just a piece of software.

BizfinityPro systems come with built-in automatic upgrades. Typically, expect to see a major upgrade every few months and minor updates as frequently as every week. Improvements we make to the software are installed overnight, so you are constantly kept up with the latest version quietly and automatically.

The system is already pre-integrated with Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel and with a range of online services including UPS Online to calculate shipping rates and print mailing labels, and with CardService International and VeriSign to process credit cards. Because Bizfinity is modular, you can choose only the parts of the system you require. So, for instance, you could opt for Bizfinity's e-Commerce Suite and integrate with your existing accounting system using Bizfinity's advanced API (Application Program Interface) or EDI Adaptor.

All that's required is a PC or a Macintosh with a suitable browser (see above). To print invoices, checks and other .pdf documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader is also needed. To generate reports in spreadsheet format, a copy of Microsoft Excel is required.

Bizfinity is glad to offer product demonstrations over the internet and to arrange demonstrations with a Bizfinity Certified Channel Partner.