CORE Direct Impact PR

Direct Impact can provide you with the C.O.R.E. Knowledge to make more informed and more strategic business decisions. Using our C.O.R.E Process, we can help you segment customers and prospects based on their value to your business — currently, in the near future and over the long run.

We use many types of data mining and analytic tools to gain an intimate knowledge of the customer base to create programs, campaigns, messages and offers that speak to the specific needs of the market.

This business intelligence can help you assess and predict buying behavior, evaluate the competition and identify your highest-potential sales opportunities. Drilling deeper, our analysis can also help you enhance product selection and develop more effective marketing messages and tactics.

C.O.R.E Knowledge services include:

Data management, reporting and MIS
Data analysis, modeling and forecasting

We also find that there are times when clients need some additional contextual insight that the data does not provide. So, Direct Impact’s business intelligence team also provides custom online market research services and competitive assessments.