The Secret to Managing Your Email part 2

Now you ask yourself, just what am I suppose to do about all this stuff? Not read my email at all? I have important information coming in everyday and I need to read it. Again you're right; you do have important information you need daily. You also have other information that you could read only every few days, or even once a week. The key is to filter what you see daily, weekly, or monthly.

Before we talk about how to filter your messages, there are a few points that need to be made about email.
Email is a tool to make running a business easier. Don't let your inbox run your life.

Email does not have to be checked every ten minutes. Give some time, perhaps three or four periods a day, to read and respond to your email. Try to keep to that schedule. As you get better at filtering your mail, you actually will need less time to respond to critical email and have more time to expand your business.

Try to respond to all business-critical email within twenty-four hours. of receipt. In this instant digital age, speed is a good business practice.
Unsuscribe from useless email newsletters. Reading things that have no bearing on what you need to do will drain time from your busy schedule.