The Secret to Managing Your Email part 4

For the "add-on" email addresses, we suggest you use one of the free email providers on the Internet. These companies usually will allow you to set up several mailboxes and to use the same password for different accounts. We usually advise people to set up their "add-on" addresses in the following way:


The method is clear. Set up the boxes so that they all have the same first name, then append a descriptive modifier after it, such as _news or _ezine. Use the same password for each mailbox. In this way, all you need to remember is the description of each box. Now you can read your extra email only when you have extra time for that task.

The success of this system is that it remains completely hands free! You don't need to set up folders or define rules to filter your email. You just decide where you want a particular ezine to go, and then subscribe with that email address. You also decide how many "add-on" email addresses you need. We suggest beginning with two "add-ons." A "_news" email address and a "_all" email address. Use the "_news" address to subscribe to ezines, special offers, etc.. Try to read through this box about once a week, when you have some free time. Give the "_all" address to family and friends, and check it about every other day.

With this system, your "add-on" email is available wherever you have an Internet connection. You don't need to "pop" your mail server and download messages. Just dial up, surf to your web email provider, log in, and read away!

Having several email addresses is a great answer to the problem of junk email and other messages that are not related to your business. With this method, you principal email address functions in much the same way as an unlisted phone number -- restricted only to those who need to communicate with you on important matters. You protect your time and maximize your potential for doing business, without missing the news and information that make having email fun in the first place.