Genealogy On Your Mac

g_macNew and updated information and techniques for researching family histories, plus digital photo restoration and ways to share the results.

A repeated question: Are you looking for your ancestors on the internet yet? They are out there, and in the last two years, the searchable collections have increased with amazing speed. An added bonus - it is now easier than ever to find other people who are also looking for your ancestors. You can share the search. Blogs, personal family sites, and bulletin boards devoted to family histories are blooming all over the online community - an ancestral MySpace. With the help of genealogy tools will became to a great fun!

For me the adventure of unraveling the clues left behind by my relatives continues; I consider it a journey of some importance but full of blind paths and as yet unanswered queries that I feel compelled to trace. Sadly, the people who could answer the questions are no longer around to do so. I am left with some of their papers, records, and photographs - a place to start. With the clues these papers provide, I have started picking up the search my mother and my great grandfather started; each, for reasons unknown to me, abandoned the search. Their queries were slow and many remained unanswered - how frustrating.

They didn’t have the internet. My favorite part of our family collection (I can call it a collection because now it is organized like one) is the array of photographs now at my disposal. They are so wonderful, humorous, touching and full of their own clues which, alas, are subject to interpretation that produces as many questions as it may answer. It is a really grand puzzle. Ask your questions now; start sorting out your own puzzle. It is so worthwhile.