Mac OS Tips

Mac OS X has a cool tool called Exposé. Exposé uses three function keys, F9, F10, and F11, to temporarily unclutter your desktop. F9 minimizes all your windows so you can see them all at once. Click on the one you want and continue working. F10 darkens all the windows except those in the application you're working in. F11 moves all your windows to the perimeter of the screen allowing you to have access to your desktop. But here's a cool trick. When using any of these features, press the Shift key first. Then press the desired Exposé key and the effect happens in slow motion. And here's a feature that will amaze your friends. Make at least one of your windows a QuickTime movie. When you use the F9 key to minimize your windows, the QuickTime movies continue to play even though they're minimized. Is that cool or what? Try that in Windows XP!