Responsive web design

With the widespread use of new-age devices like iPads and iPhones, it was just a matter of time before we had a web technology that allowed a website to adapt itself and change its shape and size in accordance with the device it's viewed on. The new technology is here and the name given to it is Responsive Web Design. Whatever be the screen resolution, a responsive website will continue to be viewed properly as its texts, images and videos will all adjust themselves accordingly. Responsive customer web design is welcome, as it does eliminate the need for multiple versions of the website.

Responsive Web Design as a concept is gaining momentum and is now part of the repertoire of many companies web development. In fact, customers can now actually looking for responsive web design companies, whose number will increase gradually. Responsive Web Design is all set to find more takers as its uniqueness is hard to miss. When the site is malleable, it will have more visitors, for the simple reason that anyone with Internet access and a PC or smartphone, you can view at any time.

On availing yourself of Responsive web design service, you will also be able to reap the benefits of search engine optimization. The two alternatives to a responsive website are multiple websites and different versions of the same site. From the point of view of SEO, every different version of a website will require its own set of links and redirects that will guide visitors to the correct device version. However, when the number of web sites is reduced to one, there will be only one set of links, and not forwarded. Thus, the load on the server will be easier and speed issues too, will start to reduce.