SiteRefresh - Core Content Management

cmsThe Content Management Process can be thought of as a production line consisting of Creation and CSS Design, Management and Publication steps, all based on an underlying Repository. As with any production line, each step requires dedicated personnel and tools for highest efficiency. In particular, there is an almost endless variety of Web Publication strategies, each with their own set of best-of-breed tools.

However, many Content Management tools attempt to cover the entire process, requiring that you adopt their proprietary language, environment and philosophy. Such an end-to-end solution may be appropriate in some situations, but as the level of sophistication rises, so does the cost and frustration of working within the constraints of a proprietary content management process. avoids these problems by implementing Content Management. Content Management focuses solely on the asset-oriented Creation and Management steps of the process, following the high cohesion, low coupling philosophy recognized as a guiding principal of software development. This component based architecture decouples the core functionality from the rest of the process, yielding maximum flexibility and minimum disruption to the environment. Inherent in this open publishing model is the ability to accommodate established standards, tools and procedures.

In summary, it is ideally suited for sophisticated organizations that need the essential Content Management functionality at a minimum cost and impact to their existing processes and environment.