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The Repository component serves as the point of integration between the asset-oriented steps of Creation and Management, and the use-oriented step of Publication. It is used by the Management step to implement the storage functionality, and provides access to the assets for the Publishing step.

The repository is often implemented by a Database, although some legacy content management tools use the filesystem as their storage medium. Databases have the advantages of high throughput, standardized access and exemplary data integrity.

A few enlightened Content Management Systems treat the repository as a true component, allowing any compatible repository to be used. Such repositories are always based on relational database systems, because they provide the required industry standardization. However, most content management tools use closed repositories dedicated to their proprietary content management process.

Only an open repository is suitable for enterprise deployment because it preserves your investment in the content across changes in technology and business processes. Content locked in proprietary repositories cannot be migrated to new systems or repurposed for uses outside the original scope.