Treo 700w Review

A few weeks ago when I was preparing to return to treo Addicts, I decided that I should get a 700w. Not that I really needed to get one for my own personal or business reasons. But for treo Addicts, I felt I needed to know more about the new Treo and Windows Mobile. So now I have both…

My initial reaction to the 700w has been mixed. On one hand I think the hardware is great (for the most part). The included software is nice also. On the other hand, the available software out there isn’t quite as impressive as I thought it would be. Also the lack of Mac support is disappointing.

Now after a few weeks with the 700w, I have enjoyed using it. I have found a few ways to get around the lack of Mac support (which I’ll share in a later article). But I still am disappointed in the available software. I figured that when going with Windows Mobile, that I would have more new apps available to me. For example, blogging is a really big thing right now and the Treo is perfect for mobile blogging. Internet connection, camera, keyboard - its just a great device for blogging. On the 650, I have a great selection of blog clients. Apps like mo:blog, u*blog, hblogger, or vegablog to name a few that work with the blogs that I use. For the 700w - it took me forever to find just one that worked. One! The app is called Pocket SharpMT 2 and its not even really built for using it with the blogs that I use. The good - it does work. The bad - it requires the user to install the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and it doesn’t have nearly the features of what my Palm bloggers have. Maybe I will have to go into more details on what I think the WM world needs. I also really really miss all those great little customizing utility apps that make the 650 almost perfect for me. Apps like Butler, Skinner, PalmRevolt, and one of my favorite simple apps - KBLightsOff. That’s just naming just a few! But I have to admit there are a few apps that I would really really like on the Palm side - namely Skype and Minimo (mobile Firefox).